The Artisanal World of Compartés Chocolates

Compartés is a gourmet chocolate company known for its unique and high-quality chocolates. Originating in Los Angeles, the company has gained a reputation for blending chocolate with a wide variety of flavors and ingredients, often incorporating unusual or exotic elements. Compartés is also known for its artistic and stylish packaging, which often makes their products popular as gifts. The brand has been associated with luxury and creativity in the world of chocolate.

The Founders

Compartés was founded by Mrs. and Mr. Comparte in 1950 in Los Angeles. This family-run business initially started as a small chocolate shop. Over the years, it became well-known for its high-quality chocolates and unique flavor combinations. The brand saw a significant transformation under Jonathan Grahm, who took over Compartés at the age of 21 in 2009. Grahm, a self-taught chocolatier, is credited with revitalizing the brand, infusing it with modern creativity and flair, and making it a globally recognized gourmet chocolate company.

The Uniqueness of Compartés

Compartés stands out in the gourmet chocolate market primarily due to its commitment to innovation and artistry. The brand is celebrated for its creative approach to chocolate-making, blending high-quality chocolate with an array of unique and often unexpected ingredients, resulting in distinctive flavor profiles. Additionally, Compartés is recognized for its visually stunning packaging, which features artistic and stylish designs. This combination of culinary creativity and aesthetic appeal has positioned Compartés as a luxury chocolate brand that offers not just a treat for the palate but also a feast for the eyes.

The Products

Compartés offers a diverse range of chocolate products, characterized by their innovative flavor combinations and artistic packaging. Their product line includes gourmet chocolate bars featuring a variety of unique ingredients, truffles with intricate designs and flavors, and limited edition seasonal offerings. They also create chocolate-covered fruits and nuts, along with gift boxes and bespoke chocolate creations for special occasions. Each product reflects Compartés’ signature blend of quality, creativity, and luxury, appealing to both traditional chocolate lovers and those seeking a more adventurous culinary experience.

Celebrity Circles

Compartés has garnered a reputation among various celebrities and well-known personalities, particularly in Hollywood. The brand’s appeal in celebrity circles is due to its luxury status, creative flavors, and artistic presentation, making its chocolates a popular choice among those in the entertainment industry. This clientele adds to the brand’s image as a purveyor of high-end, gourmet chocolates, often featured in celebrity gift bags and events. The allure of Compartés among famous customers highlights its position as a luxury and boutique chocolate brand.

Product Development

Compartés develops its products by embracing a blend of tradition, innovation, and artistry. The process often starts with sourcing high-quality chocolate, followed by experimenting with various flavor combinations. This experimental approach leads to the creation of unique and sometimes unexpected pairings, which have become a hallmark of the brand. Compartés also places a strong emphasis on the aesthetic aspect of its products. The design of each chocolate bar or truffle is given as much attention as the flavors, resulting in visually stunning creations that are almost as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate. This marriage of flavor innovation and artistic design is overseen by their creative team, ensuring each new product aligns with the brand’s reputation for luxury and creativity. The development process reflects a commitment to keeping the brand at the forefront of the gourmet chocolate industry, continually offering new experiences to its customers.

Ingredient Sourcing

Compartés sources its ingredients with a focus on quality and uniqueness, selecting from various regions known for their specialty products. The chocolate itself, the foundation of their creations, is carefully chosen from top-quality cacao beans, often from specific regions renowned for their chocolate production. Alongside this, Compartés seeks out unique and high-quality ingredients for their flavor infusions, ensuring that each component contributes to the distinctiveness of the final product. The sourcing process is integral to their commitment to producing gourmet chocolates that stand out for their taste and quality. This approach to ingredient sourcing is a key aspect of Compartés’ identity as a luxury chocolate brand.

Industry Collaboration

Compartés has collaborated with a variety of businesses and celebrities, often from the fashion, entertainment, and luxury sectors. These collaborations typically involve creating custom chocolate products or unique flavor profiles that align with the collaborating party’s brand or personal taste. The collaborations with celebrities often result in limited edition products, leveraging the star’s popularity to create buzz and exclusivity. Similarly, partnerships with businesses usually aim to merge Compartés’ chocolate-making artistry with the partner’s unique brand identity, resulting in special products that reflect both brands’ ethos. These collaborations not only expand Compartés’ reach but also reinforce its status as a luxury chocolate maker that blends culinary art with style and celebrity appeal.


Compartés has established itself as a significant player in the gourmet chocolate segment of the food industry, primarily through its innovative approach to chocolate-making. By combining high-quality ingredients with unique, often unexpected flavors, and coupling that with visually stunning packaging, Compartés has redefined what can be expected from a luxury chocolate brand. Its ability to consistently blend culinary creativity with artistic presentation has not only appealed to a broad spectrum of customers, including celebrities, but has also set new standards for luxury and innovation in chocolate products. Furthermore, Compartés’ collaborations and popularity among high-profile individuals have positioned it as a brand that transcends traditional food industry boundaries, merging culinary arts with lifestyle and luxury branding. This role highlights the evolving nature of the food industry, where experience, aesthetics, and quality are increasingly intertwined.

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