From Boston to Your Kitchen: Unpacking Milk Street’s Magic

Milk Street Kitchen is associated with Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street, often just referred to as “Milk Street.” Christopher Kimball, a well-known figure in the culinary world, previously co-founded and hosted “America’s Test Kitchen” and “Cook’s Country” television shows. However, in 2016, he launched Milk Street as a separate culinary brand.

Milk Street represents a departure from Kimball’s previous work. While America’s Test Kitchen was predominantly focused on classic American recipes and thorough testing to achieve the “best” version of a dish, Milk Street takes inspiration from global cuisines, emphasizing bolder flavors and simpler techniques.

Popular Products From Milk Street Kitchen


  • Magazines: They publish a regular magazine that features recipes, cooking tips, and techniques, interviews with chefs, and culinary insights from around the world.
  • Cookbooks: Several cookbooks that center around the international and innovative approach to cooking, featuring global recipes and techniques.

Cooking School

  • Online and In-person Classes: Milk Street offers a variety of cooking classes that can be taken in person at their location in Boston or online. These classes cover a range of topics and cuisines, offering instruction on cooking techniques, recipe execution, and more.

Television and Radio Shows

  • Television: “Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Television” is popular, where global recipes are showcased and cooking tips are shared.
  • Radio: “Milk Street Radio” offers interviews, stories, and call-in questions, exploring a broad array of food-related topics.

Kitchen Tools and Produ

  • Milk Street also offers a selection of kitchen tools, pantry items, and spices inspired by global cuisine. You can find quality kitchen gadgets, utensils, cookware, and specialty ingredients that are often featured in their recipes.


  • Although not a physical product, Milk Street’s diverse, globally-inspired recipes are indeed one of their most popular offerings. Their approach emphasizes fresh ingredients, bold flavors, and simpler yet innovative techniques.

Subscription Services

  • They offer subscription services where subscribers can get regular magazines, digital content, and access to a plethora of recipes online.


  • Pre-COVID, Milk Street organized travel experiences where participants could explore global cuisines firsthand, although you’d need to check the current status given the ongoing pandemic implications.

Specialty Foods

  • You may find specialty food items that are curated from around the world, offering a selection of unique flavors and ingredients to American home cooks.

Who Is Christopher Kimball?

Christopher Kimball is an American chef, editor, publisher, and radio/TV personality. He is the founder of Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street, a multimedia, instructional food preparation organization. He is well-known for his previous work as the co-founder, editor, and publisher of America’s Test Kitchen. Here are some key aspects of Christopher Kimball’s career and contributions to the culinary world:

Early Life and Career

  • Born: Kimball was born on June 5, 1951, in Rye, New York, USA.
  • Education: He attended Columbia University and graduated with a degree in Primitive Art.

America’s Test Kitchen

  • Foundation: Christopher co-founded America’s Test Kitchen, a highly regarded brand that includes a television show, magazine, and cookbooks.
  • Content: It’s known for its rigorous testing of recipes, food products, and kitchen equipment to provide the best recommendations and cooking instructions to home cooks.

Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street

  • Launch: Kimball launched this venture in 2016 after leaving America’s Test Kitchen.
  • Focus: Milk Street aims to introduce home cooks to a world of diverse, easy, and flavorful international cooking styles and ingredients.
  • Media: The brand encompasses a TV show, magazine, radio podcast, cooking school, and cookbooks.

Style and Approach

  • Public Image: Kimball is often recognized for his bow-tie, a signature aspect of his public persona.
  • Cooking Philosophy: He focuses on thorough testing and development of recipes to make them accessible and successful for home cooks.

Legal Issues

  • Lawsuit: After leaving America’s Test Kitchen, there was a lawsuit between Kimball and his former company, which was eventually settled.


  • Teaching: Through his work, Kimball has made significant contributions to culinary education for home cooks, emphasizing the science and techniques of cooking.
  • Media: He is a prominent media figure in the culinary world, having appeared on TV and radio and authored several cookbooks.

America’s Test Kitchen

America’s Test Kitchen (ATK) is a popular cooking show that also encompasses a brand responsible for creating various forms of culinary content, including television series, magazines, websites, and cookbooks. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what America’s Test Kitchen involves:

Television Show

  • Content: The television show features recipes, cooking techniques, taste tests, and equipment reviews. The recipes are rigorously tested to ensure they work every time, and cooking techniques are explained in detail.
  • Hosts: Originally hosted by Christopher Kimball, new hosts have taken over since he left to start Milk Street.

Cook’s Illustrated and Cook’s Country Magazines

  • In-Depth Articles: These magazines provide detailed articles on cooking techniques, recipe development, and equipment testing and reviews.
  • Illustrations: Cook’s Illustrated is known for its hand-drawn illustrations that break down the cooking process visually.

Recipe Development

  • Testing: The recipes are tested thoroughly to develop easy-to-follow instructions for home cooks. They focus on finding the best methods and ingredients for each dish.
  • Taste Tests: Regular taste tests of ingredients and products are conducted to recommend the best options to viewers and readers.

Equipment Reviews

  • Comprehensive Testing: ATK reviews kitchen equipment, from gadgets to appliances, and provides recommendations based on their thorough testing process.
  • Objective Recommendations: Their reviews are unbiased, as they don’t accept free products from manufacturers.


  • Cookbooks: ATK publishes a series of cookbooks featuring their well-tested recipes, detailed cooking techniques, and equipment recommendations.
  • Special Editions: They occasionally release special edition magazines and books focusing on specific types of cuisine or cooking techniques.

Digital Content

  • Website: The ATK website offers a wealth of recipes, cooking tips, equipment reviews, and videos.
  • Online Cooking School: They offer an online platform where home cooks can learn through videos and instructional materials to improve their cooking skills.

Community Engagement

  • Social Media: ATK is active on various social media platforms, sharing recipes, cooking tips, and engaging with the community.
  • Events: They occasionally host events and cooking classes, though this might be subject to change based on current global conditions.

Legal Dispute Between Christopher Kimball And America’s Test Kitchen

The legal dispute between Christopher Kimball and America’s Test Kitchen (ATK) occurred after Kimball left ATK and started his own venture, Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street. The dispute was rooted in claims of contractual and fiduciary duty breaches and other issues. Here are the key elements of the conflict:

The Conflict

  1. Exit from ATK: Christopher Kimball, the co-founder and former host of America’s Test Kitchen, left the company in 2015.
  2. Starting Milk Street: He then founded a similar venture, Milk Street, which also focused on cooking media and education but with a more global cuisine approach.

The Legal Dispute

  1. ATK’s Claims: ATK filed a lawsuit against Kimball in 2016, claiming he created Milk Street by “literally and conceptually” copying the ATK model. They alleged that he was developing Milk Street while still engaged with ATK, using ATK’s resources and time.
  2. Issues: The lawsuit raised issues related to the breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract, and unfair competition. ATK claimed that Kimball misused proprietary information and business opportunities belonging to ATK for developing Milk Street.
  3. Kimball’s Defense: Kimball and his team refuted the allegations, asserting that Milk Street was distinct in its approach and focus compared to ATK.


The details of the lawsuit’s resolution were not widely publicized, and settlements of this nature often involve confidentiality clauses that prevent the involved parties from disclosing specific terms. However, it was reported that both parties eventually reached a settlement, resolving their legal differences.

Public and Media Response

The dispute captured attention because Kimball was a highly public and well-loved figure associated with ATK for a long time. Media and public discussions highlighted the intricacies of business partnerships, especially in creative and media industries where personal brands and corporate entities can become closely intertwined.

Corporate Info Of Milk Street Kitchen

Corporate Name

Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street is the brand’s official name.


It was founded in 2016 by Christopher Kimball after he left America’s Test Kitchen.


Milk Street Kitchen is headquartered in downtown Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Business Model

Milk Street operates across various media and educational platforms, including a magazine, television and radio shows, cookbooks, cooking schools, and an online store.

Services and Products

  • Media: Producing a television show, radio podcast, and regular publications.
  • Education: Offering online and in-person cooking classes.
  • Products: Selling kitchen tools, cookware, and pantry items through an online store.
  • Content: Providing recipes and cooking tips through various channels, including their website and magazine.


Christopher Kimball is the founder and public face of the company. The leadership team likely includes other key figures responsible for the brand’s growth, content, and operations.

For the most detailed and updated corporate information, I recommend visiting the official Milk Street website or reaching out to the company directly. Corporate structures, leadership teams, and business operations can change over time, so it’s always best to get the most current information directly from the source.

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