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The Best Spot for Event Hire in Melbourne

You want to host that perfect office party but feel that your own office is just not the place to do it? Why hold your office party in a crammed and dingy windowless space when you can host your function at Uncommon Food! Our beautiful new space is a sunny oasis in the heart of Melbourne, filled with lush vegetation and good vibrations: it makes for the perfect corporate party venue.

The best corporate function venue in Melbourne

Our team of experienced staff know what it takes to provide the ultimate event hire for you, in turn creating a great party. We’ll look after you every step of the way, and when it’s party time, provide a wonderful selection of delicious food and drink for you and your workmates to enjoy. When you book with us you are guaranteed a great time, customer satisfaction is what we’re here for!

corporate function venues melbourne

As far as corporate functions go, our venue, has got you covered!

We here at Uncommon Food get it: you’ve been put in charge of planning your corporate event. Finding a venue can be a real nuisance when you already have a job to do, and if your colleagues have left it up to you to do the plan the party then that’s not fun at all. If you book a corporate function venue with Uncommon Food you can be sure that we will sort out your event hire and leave you feeling relaxed and at ease. This means that while we take care of the arrangements, you can get back to your actual job!

Drop us a line for more info

If you think you might like to hold your event at our function venue, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at +61 3 9510 6655. You can also leave an email on our contact us page, or if you find you have the time, come in today for a chat. We love to help everyone with their party needs, whether for weddings or birthday parties. Make sure you come and say hi and we’ll help you get your function in order.


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